Double Sided PCBs (also known as Double-Sided Plated Thru or DSPT) circuits are the gateway to higher technology applications. They allow for closer (and perhaps more) routing traces by alternating between a top and bottom layer using vias. Today, double sided printed circuit board technology is perhaps the most popular type of PCB in the industry.

Backed by our industrial experience and cutting edge technology, we offer supreme quality double Sided Printed Circuit Boards. These are available in a variety of track widths and thickness. These boards find their application in connecting electronic components with mechanical support. Our range is fabricated with the latest technologies and is offered at market leading prices.

Our clients can avail from us an extensive range of Double Sided PCB, which is used to support electronic components. Through these boards traces can cross over each other and increase the density without point-to-point soldering. Our range of Double Sided PCB is at par with defined industry standards and acknowledged for its reliability, high performance and application specific design.

How Are Double Sided PCBs Made?

Benefits of Double Sided PCBs:

  • More flexibility for designers

  • Increased circuit density

  • Relatively lower costs

  • Intermediate level of circuit complexity

  • Reduced board size (which can reduce costs)