Supreme Circuits has been facilitated with different types of technical capabilities, enabling the company competent in producing the products with excellent quality. Following are the details of our technical capabilities:


The company owns a team of professional CAD-CAM engineers. They all have world class skill in designing and manufacturing all types of Printed Circuit Boards as per the data provided by clients.

Following are the details that outline the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of the company. E-Data format will be accepted via Disk, FTP E-mail & Modem Gerber | Rs-274-x | DXF | PDF | HPGL | AutoCAD | ASCII or Ela NCdrill file.


  • Latest software
  • Micro-modifications performed with customer approval
  • Panel / Array optimization available
  • Pre-manufacturing design checks on every part
  • Net list test fixture generation


  • Solder mask over bare copper (SMOBC)
  • Tin Plating (Electroless / Electrolytic / Immersion)
  • Carbon Ink
  • OSP
  • White Tin
  • Solder Mask: LPI & SR1000(Green/Blue/Red)
  • CNC Skip Scoring
  • HASL (Hot Air Solder Level)


Laminate types: FR-2, FR-4, FR-406, FR-5, CEM-1, CEM-3, (all UL94V-0-rated), Nelco N4000, Glass epoxy, polyamide laminates.

Minimum annular ring +/-0.005”
Board edge to edge, routed +/-0.005”
Tooling hole to hole +/-0.002”
Hole to hole +/-0.002”
Tooling hole to edge +/-0.005”
Holes to copper registration +/-0.005”
Copper to solder mask +/-0.005”
Holes to legend +/-0.010”
Top to bottom registration +/-0.005”
Image line tolerance 90% art work
Edge to copper +/-0.010”
Solder mask clearance +/-0.005”
Minimum hole size +/-0.010
Minimum inside radius +/-0.015”
Minimum trace width +/-0.005”
Hole to hole clearance +/-0.015”
Pad to pad clearance +/-0.007”
Hole to board edge +/-0.020”
Hole diameter +/-0.0025”
Scoring tolerance +/-0.005”